Educational software can be used for both fun and learning.
What is Educational Software

Educational Software refers to any desktop or mobile app, developed for learning. This software can range from games with educational elements to apps such as calculators. In fact, we see many apps used to teach everyone from infants up to university students and beyond. Also included in this category is companion software. Software used to update and accompany learning tools and toys for children. An excellent example is the LeapFrog companion software, developed to download fresh content to your child’s learning device. Another example is Duolingo, a mobile app that teaches you to speak another language.

With so many great apps and tools to choose from, the education software continues to grow every day. You might learn to code, or maybe learn a new langue. Whatever it is you’re looking for, there is most likely a software for it. It’s time to embrace the technology and use it to expand your knowledge.

A fun and educational game for kids of all ages. Explore, learn and meet new people all within a safe and well monitored environment.
65 MB
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Duolingo on PC is an ad-free, free to download language learning software developed by Duolingo Inc.
103.9 MB
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LeapFrog Connect is the companion software used to setup, register and download new content to your LeapFrog device.
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Explore the earth in stunning HD quality. Google Earth allows us to discover our home planet in ways like never before. Get the latest free version today!
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A dynamic mathematic application used by students and teachers alike. get started today for free.
55 MB
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