CD and DVD Tools

Technology these days has made it easy to share media and information, but it doesn’t mean burning a CD and DVD should be written off.

Most computers still come with a default CD/DVD drive. Many of those computers don’t have the necessary authoring software or come with default software that are not so user-friendly.

How to Choose the right CD and DVD Disc

There are two different platforms to record on, DVD-RW or a DVD-R. It’s important to make sure that your DVD player is compatible with DVD-R. Many players don’t accept this format rendering it impossible to play back on the device.

Before recording make sure that your player can record integrated RAM also known as DVD-RAM. DVD-RAM enables you not to having to insert the disc before you start. Most Hardware comes with this DVD-RAM but it’s always important to make sure so you can choose the right CD and DVD Tools.


There are Audio CDs and Data CDs they are similar, but the are limited to what devices you can play them on and how much data you can store on them. Most computers with the right software can read between the two. Unfortunately, cars stereos can only read audio files and not data files rendering them useless in the car and countertop stereo.

Data CDs is similar to a computer hard disk and contains file systems and folders. Another difference is how much information you can store on a disc. Audio discs will hold uncompressed files whereas data CDs can burn multiple compressed files.

The most standard software will compress and format different formats such as MP3 or MP4 but can transfer onto a data disc only.

Choosing the Right  Cd and DVD Software

When looking for the right software it truly depends on the interface. How easy it is to use and what you like to burn most often. A lot of the current software do much of the same thing but make sure they are fully compatible with the system that your computer runs on, such as iOS or Windows.

YouTube Video Downloader is an easy to use, free download tool that allows you download any video content from the web such as YouTube, FaceBook or Vimeo.
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Arguably one of the most popular and most downloaded media player, VLC Media Player is trusted by millions to deliver high quality audio and video playback.
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PowerISO is a powerful CD / DVD image file utility tool. Extract, Create, Mount and Burn CDs / DVDs with this all in one disk utility.
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