Fortnite patch 3.2
Fortnite patch 3.2 With 20vs20 Mode

The Fortnite patch 3.2 “Save the World”  is released with a new 20 vs 20 limited edition mode. The limited edition mode pits five teams of twenty against each other. Epic games are shaking gameplay while fixing some major bug fixes like the not so accurate hunting rifle.

Game Developer Highlight- Treyten Carey World of Hello

Treyten Carey is a young Indie game developer and entrepreneur with a passion for game development. His interest began at an early age and he continues to make pixel magic to this day. His hard work and dedication are paying off and he graciously granted us an interview so we could share his story. Treyten Carey is our game developer highlight of the month.

Get Your Fortnite Twitch Prime Loot

Do you have Twitch Prime? If yes, then you are special and you get exclusive Fortnite Twitch Prime loot. You get a limited series Havoc outfit with Back Bling, A Sub Commander Outfit with a Slipstream Glider and some very special and some special Twitch Chat emotes that you can only get with this special offer.

Fortnite Update V.3.1.0
Fortnite Update V.3.1.0 is Up and Running

It’s everything you have been all waiting for the Fortnite update V.3.1.0 is up and Running. If you haven’t taken advantage of installing the Fortnite Download than you are missing out. This update is a show of confidence that the subsequent releases will only kick butt a little more each time.

How to Mine Crypto Coins
How to Mine Crypto Coins

Mining cryptocurrency is actually pretty easy to do, though it requires some specialized software and hardware. You’ll also need to have certain favorable conditions in order to ensure that it’s profitable. If you’re willing to invest in the necessary tools and can meet those environmental conditions, you could potentially be mining within days.

Total War Arena Closed Beta update
Total War Arena Closed Beta Update

How To Apply for Total War Arena Closed Beta

1.Download for PC Desktop
2.Create a Profile Within the Game
3.Apply with applicable e-mail on Total War Arena home page
4.WarGaming.Net will send you a confirmation email
5.Follow e-mail instructions

Alexa voice Profile
Alexa Voice Profile Goes Hollywood

How to Customize Alexa’s Wake word
1.Open the Alexa app.
2.Use left-hand navigation and tap Settings.
3.Choose the device that you want to change.
4.Scroll down and tap “Wake Word”.
5.Touch the drop-down and choose “New Wake Word” from the list.
6.Tap Save.

Snapchat Update Bitmoji Delux
Snapchat Update – Bitmoji Delux

Bitmoji Delux Snapchat’s latest update introduces Bitmoji Delux by adding another level to how you customize your avatar. They expanded options like accessories, skin tone…

Subnautica Update
Subnautica Update – The PC Launch We Have All Been Waiting For

Last week was a massively big day for the Subnautica developers and their fans. After 5 years of development, the massive Subnautica Update for PC made its debut. Fans are raving at the latest features and can’t seem to get enough of it.

The Subnautica Crew wanted to make sure that their fans knew that the X-box version is on its way but they want to make sure that the game runs smooth as butter when it is officially launched on X-box. For the time being the desktop version has had a perfect run with no unexpected glitches.

redhook games
Red Hook Games – Featured Indie Developer

Behind every indie game and software developer, there lives a story. Like Steve Jobs, Wozniak or Bill Gates, many of these developers possess similar qualities such as creativity, hard work, and dedication. We had the opportunity to interview a team that captures these traits. This week we take a look at Red Hook Games, a local team of game developers from Vancouver B.C. who created the award-winning game “Darkest Dungeon”. A mesmerizing bone-chilling game with the perfect recipe for story, gameplay, and artwork. We would like to introduce to you Red Hook Games.