Get Bitmoji

Clicking the above link directs you to
a third party site to get Bitmoji

Get Bitmoji

Clicking the above link directs you to
a third party site to get Bitmoji

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Author:Snap Inc.

Latest Version: 10.33

Date added:2016-09-22

About Bitmoji

Bitmoji App allows people to create their very own personal emoji. Create personalized emojis starring you! However, unlike other emoji programs that rely on the standard faces or expressions. In fact, this app is packed with a full library of stickers, each one casting you as the star. Additionally, you can use and create in almost any messaging service or program, including Snapchat. Not to mention, start making your messages more personal and entertaining on PC or Mac.


Turn your favorite apps into a personalized colorful experience for you and your friends. Furthermore, this fun and over the top app works Chrome, Gboard, and iMessage.


Make your chat a Friendmoji Chat with animated stickers express almost any mood and help get the party started. Moreover, snap a better chat on Snap Chat.

3D World Lenses

Turn your Bitmoji into an augmented reality avatar of yourself. This fun charming avatar gives you a 3D personality in your Snapchat world. In fact, you can tell your story through the expressions of your avatar in real time. Regardless, have some fun with your old phone

 Geo Filters

Geo Filters in the app turns your environment into more than just any old selfie. However, with this in mind, the filter frames your pictures into an expression of your day. Find rainbows, dolphins, cute little raccoons and more. Additionally, geo filters will help turn special moments into memories you won’t forget.

The app is a perfect addition to any community and business events. Finally, create your own meaningful frame with your community or impress visitors to your party or business.

Install on PC or Mac

To install Bitmoji on your Mac and PC, use the BlueStacks software download provided by clicking the download button.




Title Bitmoji

File nameBitmoji

File size107.9 MB

RequirementsWindows 10, Windows 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP

LanguagesMultiple Languages


Date added2016-09-22

AuthorSnap Inc.


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    Donna Duchek

    I can’t access the Bitmoji for Mack desktop, all I get is a downloading software.


      Use the BlueStack software download to access Bitmoji on Mac and PC.

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