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Author:Spiderling Studios

Latest Version:0.6.0

Date added:2017-12-21



Besiege is a brilliant addictive physics-based building game that packs an incredibly fun and innovative gameplay. The world in besiege is simplistic but beautiful and whatever you can think of to build is probably possible. A walking robot with cannons for arms, a flamethrower mouth with a helicopter head, no problem. A gigantic wheeled siege machine with boring drills in the front and a swinging flail that ejects different types of bombs, just make it. Building battle machine is both challenging and fun and as you continue the game both you and your creations will evolve with it.


At its core, the game challenges you to build a machine to overcome specific goals. Contraptions are engineered by putting together preexisting blocks, just like Lego. Using items such as wooden beams, wheels, cannons, spikes and many more, you can create simple but functional designs to lay waste on a battlefield or steer clear of a minefield or even fly to destroy airships. And if your patience, creativity, and ingenuity know no bounds, Besiege will still allow you to construct some extremely complicated creations which will amaze all.

The game comes with several different campaigns to play and gets harder as you complete each level. You can choose to play by yourself and figure out how to build things and test your inventions against the enemy on each level. In player-vs-player(PVP) mode you can battle your creations against other players for an endless source of amusement and excitement. Your opponent might be a battle machine creation genius or someone who needs to spend a few more hours back on the drawing board. There is also a full multiplayer mode where you can test out your creations against a number of other players or just sit back and watch the chaos unfold.

In summary, a simple game where you build chaotic war machines of pure death in order to overcome the challenges presented. This game takes patience, practice, and lots of trial and error to succeed, but once you get your concept actually constructed into a “fully” functional machine, the sense of accomplishment is overwhelming and leaves you feeling good about yourself.



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Title Besiege

File namebesiege_full

File size29 MB

RequirementsWindows 10, Windows 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP

LanguagesMultiple Languages


Date added2017-12-21

AuthorSpiderling Studios


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