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Battle Royale .io Gamer’s Guide

Battle Royale .io Gamer’s Guide

The Battle Royale .io Gamer.s Guide list off some of the best .io games on the market. Battle Royale has been growing in popularity in the last year to the point it’s exploding. However, fans have been looking for new experiences for a quick hit of the BR. Additionally, many of the full releases can end up costing a small fortune every month to purchase the perfect skins and weapons. As a matter of fact, you can get your hit of Battle Royale without lousy downloads and right from the comfort of your browser.

BattleRoyale .io Gamers Guide

Bullet Force .io

Bullet Force

A fun game with all the bells and whistles is first-person shooter Battle Royale really knocks it home. Military fatigues with a touch of brutal reality. However, choose from Alpha, Bravo or Charlie. This is a fast-paced game and can be quite challenging. Additionally, it is a full multiplayer experience so you get the feels of an actual console game but for free. Play this one here.

BattleRoyale .io Gamers Guide

We know it doesn’t look like much but it is a simple yet addictive game. However, the overhead view takes a little getting used to but after a while, you can easily find your way around. Additionally, players can choose to play duo, play as a squad, join a team or create a team. These modes are similar to their larger counterparts and over 7000 players in North America are playing

BattleRoyale .io Gamers Guide


ZombsRoyale is a 100 player battle with nonstop addictive action. The battlefield looks familiar to but an intro is a plane that deploys you where you want on the map. However, the rounds go by fast so players need to react fast. Furthermore, weapons for this game are a lot of fun with smooth automatic firing. Not to mention, You can play with your friends and add skins to your mustard colored guy.

BattleRoyale .io Gamers Guide

This Battle Royale is the last man standing. This game has it’s own feel compared to the other .io battle royale games. In fact, the controls aren’t basic keyboard controls as they are fully controlled by the mouse and you continually move. However, your character’s avatar is dished out to you and you have no choice on what you look like. Finally, it reminds me of a classic shooter arcade game and will keep you plugged in. has a violent edge to it with its cartoon-like blood splatter makes this an original. You can customize your guy but you pretty much just get right to playing. Furthermore, If you dislike the gore you can easily turn that off.


Bring on the .io

The guide is just getting started. In fact, it’s growing as we speak with new additions to BattleRoyale .io Gamers Guide. If you know of other battles royal .io games that should be added leave them in the comments below. We will leave your name beside the game and give you the glory.




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