Avia Antivirus 2017

Avia Antivirus 2017

Get Avia Antivirus 2017

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Get Avia Antivirus 2017

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Author:Avira Operations

Latest Version:Avira Free Antivirus

Date added:2017-05-03

Avira Antivirus 2017 – Providing Security & Privacy for All Devices

The second someone logs onto their computer and begins to surf the Internet; they open their system up to potential viruses and malware. In today’s Internet world, full of hacks and privacy concerns, it’s essential to have strong antivirus software loaded on every device establishing an Internet connection. There are numerous excellent programs available, however many charge for the protection. But, some of the most reliable alternatives are free. One of the most dependable and secure antivirus choices available is Avira Antivirus 2017.

Why Avira Over Others?

There are over a hundred different antivirus software choices available. Not all of them provide free download, and some are different levels of protection offered under the same brand name. So, in such a congested market, by would someone choose Avira over all the others? One of the most distinctive features of Avira is the modest style they use. They do not try to force extra – higher priced upgrades on users – providing access to upgrade features, but not trying to constantly up-sell customers.

Product Features

Users receive advanced real-time security with cloud protection. Avira examines every suspicious file against a list of unsafe and secure files. Users can be assured they will not accidentally download a compromised file damaging their system.

    • Compact interface that is clean and easy to use.There are a number of useful settings, which are optional.
    • Avira Software Updater Pro will automatically provide critical patches for potential security vulnerabilities across more than a hundred software programs.
    • To block online tracking, Avira customers can use the Avira Scout Browser for secure privacy on the Internet. This browser allows invisibility from unethical types, who misuse the Internet. Scout furnishes users with protection from potentially infected websites as they surf the web.
    • Users receive AntiAdware/AntiMalware protection that blocks unwanted Adware programs and stops online snooping.
    • There is blocker that prevents websites from tracking and recording user’s online patterns. Avira also shows safety ratings for search engine listings to help users avoid suspect websites that could automatically trigger malware.
    • Antivirus protection from Avira is also available for Android phones. Even if someone steals a phone, the information saved is protected from theft.
    • Avira Antivirus gives users the ability to centralize the control of their antivirus security. Users have remote control over all their devices. Users can remotely install and manage the Avira Antivirus from a centralized location and run it on all their platforms.
    • Avira Software Updater Pro will identify and install any necessary updates with just one click. This is an upgrade, not part of the free download. However, it has a number of enticing benefits, such as automatic patching of all security holes in every app selected for monitoring.

Summarizing Avira Antivirus 2017

There are over 500 million Internet users, who have taken advantage of Avira Antivirus. That number grows every minute. The basic software download is free and employs a substantial number of options that provide outstanding security. Avira can protect any system, plus provide additional services that further enhance the level of security.


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  • Avira Free Antivirus 2017 Screenshot
  • Avira Free Antivirus 2017 Screenshot
  • Avira Free Antivirus 2017 Screenshot


Title Avira Free Antivirus 2017

File nameAvira-Antivirus-2017.exe

File size5 MB

RequirementsWindows 10, Windows 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP

LanguagesMultiple Languages


Date added2017-05-03

AuthorAvira Operations


Previous Versions

Avira Free Antivirus
Avira Free Antivirus
Avira Free Antivirus
Avira Free Antivirus

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