Posted Apr 4 2018 David Mackenzie-Kong

Adobe Introduces Sensie AI for Premiere Pro

Adobe’s Ultimate AI for Premiere Pro Software

Adobe is now using Sensei AI for Premiere Pro’s editing process. Adobe Sensei AI uses an Artificial Intelligent software to produce a faster and more accurate workflow. Users will experience faster more reliable accurate touch-ups as well as blending. As announced at this year’s Adobe Max conference the two Premiere Pro shortcuts, color match and auto ducking will begin to use the power of artificial intelligence in recent updates.

The AI is designed to empower creators by offering a color matching shortcut while ultimately leaving the final results up to the video editor. – Patrick Palmer

Color Match AI

Color Match is now a powerhouse for color correcting. Sensei AI software can touch up black and white images with true match colors. It can take an image with no color and identify the right colors needed to fill in an absolutely colorless picture.

The smart color match function can also use facial recognition and necessary touch-ups to create realism to image skin tones. However, users can still opt out of using the latest AI system and manually touch up images for themselves.

Auto Ducking AI

Adobe Premiere Pro users can now allow the smart software to automatically adjust volume in a video. Adobe Sensei AI detects audio in video and creating adjustments where needed. As a result, these adjustments improve audio in conversation when needed as well as sound sensitivity in transition fades.

In conclusion, Adobe’s use of Artificial Intelligence has increased efficiency for its users. This state of the art software upgrade is perfect in a fast-paced content publishing world. Adobe recognized that a software like Sensei AI was powerful tool today’s mainstream media producing world. Adobe believes artificial intelligence compliments its products across the board and fans will see more sophisticated upgrades like this in the near future.


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