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Author:306 Software

Latest Version:v2.9.4

Date added:2018-11-08

360 file convert software free download Convert Any File Quickly and Easily with the New 360 Convert Software

Have you ever needed to convert a PDF to Word document, or an MP4 to MP3? If so, then you likely would have gone online to search for an easy to use file converter software, only to find that not all of them do what you need, or even cost money. You’d like to see one product, or software that took care of all your file converting needs. Of course, it needs to be free, and it needs to be easy to use. We recently had a look at the new 360 Convert Software, and we’re happy to report that it ticks all the boxes. Not only is it free, but it is very user-friendly including a smooth drag and drop feature for the ultimate ease of use. Read on to see what features we found most useful, and how you can use them. One of the features that stood out above all else with this software was the built-in drag and drop functionality. For example, you can quickly drag a file into the application window and select the file format that you want to produce. Next, all you need to do is to hit the Start Conversion button. The software will automatically go to work on converting your file and save it to your preferred location on your computer. The whole process takes only a matter of seconds and does not interfere with other operations running on your computer.

How do I Change my File Destination?

Glad you asked. Seeing that you may want the ability to change your file destination, the software developers added the made it easy for you. In the application window, located right below the drag and drop module, there is a file destination path with an underscored link to the right that says Change. When you click on the Change link, a window will pop up allowing you to select your preferred destination.

What Files Formats Can I Convert?

Since there is so many possible file combination, we won’t dig into every sings one. Instead, we’ll give you a few examples of some of the most common conversions that other users are finding useful. First of all, the PDF to Word conversions has got to be one of our favorites. Quite often we see ourselves downloading PDFs only to wish that we could do edits. With the 360 software, users can perform a quick conversion to Word and begin to make their edits. Another conversion feature that we found useful is with the audio file formats. The 360 software allows you to convert those large lossless file formats down to a more efficient size such as mp3. The real benefit to that is the ability to load up more of your favorite tunes to your phone or mp3 player. It would be a mistake not to mention the video converting capability of the 360 Convert software. Have you ever downloaded a video file only to get an error that your media player does not support the file type? Error messages can be externally frustrating, especially when you’re not sure how to fix them. Well, when you use the 360 file converter, you’ll have the option to save your video file to almost any of the most common file formats.


In conclusion, after dropping several different file types in the 360 Convert software, we feel confident in saying that is one our go-to file converters now. The software is lightweight, fast and super easy to use. Also, the software is entirely free to use on as many computers as up need. 360 Convert is a full version software; there is no upsell or purchase needed, it’s 100% free. Let us know what you think of this file conversion software.


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Title 360 Convert

File name360convert

File size153 MB

RequirementsWindows 10, Windows 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP



Date added2018-11-08

Author306 Software


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