Internet Browsers

Web browsers are software application used to locate (retrieval or fetching) information based on the users queries.  Many browsers include additional components that include Email, instant messaging, apps and more.

What’s the Best Browser for Me

Many systems come with a default browser the most popular being Google Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer. These browsers run on different algorithms and often produce different information, and because of this, it’s recommended to have more than one browser installed. Choosing the best browser depends on how you personally explore the web and what system you have. Some web browsers work better on certain operating systems better than others.

Best Browser for Mac

    • Safari is the default browser for Mac and iOS devices. Safari offers featured additions like “Siri” Apple’s vocal search assistant and “Reader View” that simplifies a webpage making it easier to read.
    • Recommended 2nd browser is Chrome as it works intuitively with the iOS system and can be added to work with iPhones and other Apple devices.

Best Browser for PC and Android

      • Google Chrome works seamlessly with a PC or Android device. For many Androids Chrome is the default browser connected directly to the operating system. With a Google account, you can access additional plugins and other Google products. Security is never an issue as Google automatically updates all of their products protecting you from online security threats.
      • Firefox is an open source application created by the Mozilla and volunteer developers. Although not as fast as Chrome it is updated automatically protecting you from online threats.
      • Opera is the longest running browser offered on the web. Some sites aren’t built for the Opera platform making the websites display not as they were intended. Security is never an issue and automatically updates to prevent online attacks. Although Opera does work well with iOS, it works best for Windows and Android.

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